Where are we?
Quadra Island, British Columbia, Canada!

Now for some details. For starters, where’s Quadra Island? For most of our scuba diving clients it’s a case of hop, skip and jump from mainland British Columbia or Washington to Vancouver Island, then to Campbell River and over to Quadra Island.

First you need to know where Vancouver Island is. Vancouver Island is a large island located off the south west coast of British Columbia, Canada. It can be reached by regularly scheduled airplane or charter plane (to Campbell River Airport) or full service vehicle ferry from the mainland to either Nanaimo (1.5 hour drive away) or Victoria (BC’s capital city, 4 hours south of Campbell River).

Click on the map for a local map to find Dynamike Dive Charters!

Once you’ve reached Vancouver Island you’ll head to Campbell River on the north central east coast. The cold, clear water that is channeled between Vancouver Island and the west coast of British Columbia is a scuba diving paradise teeming with colorful sea-going flora and fauna!

Quadra Island is located between the west coast of BC, Canada and Campbell River. Quadra Island is easily accessible with a 10 minute ride by car ferry from Campbell River or private boat.

Please contact us if you would like a hand planning how to get your group of scuba divers and diving gear from where you are to where we are.

In the grand scheme of things Quadra Island is located 90 miles NW (as the crow flies) of the city of Vancouver.

At Dynamike Dive Charters & Lodge we have plenty of room to park your R.V.

Click on the map (above right) for a detailed Quadra Island map, showing the way to Dynamike Scuba Diving Charters once you reach Quadra Island!

Please contact us for more information about our Campbell River / Quadra Island, BC scuba diving charters (including wreck diving) or to book your west coast Canada dive charter with Mike Richmond, DynaMike Dive Master.


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